Finance with Terms that Work for You


Australian Property Capital Investment Pty Ltd co-invests alongside the core equity provided by the project sponsors. On some occasions this equity investment is a ‘follow-on’ from an earlier involvement as a lender to a project. At other times it facilitates a core buy-and-hold position in a long-term asset.


Mezzanine Debt

  • Mezzanine debt ranks behind the senior bank and is subordinated to the bank’s position.
  • The facility incurs an interest cost, usually not linked to the profitability of the project, though if structured as a participating mortgage it has both an interest and profit-share component.

Preferred Equity & Joint Venture

  • Preferred Equity is sometimes referred to as structured equity. The key attribute is that the repayment of capital occurs in advance of and in priority to the repayment of ordinary equity.
  • There is no registered mortgage on preferred equity.
  • Costs calculated based on each scenario.